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Avani City Studio Inauguration Marks a Paradigm Shift in Architectural Engagement

Kozhikode (Kerala) [India], February 29: Avani Institute of Design inaugurated the Avani City Studio marking a momentous occasion that sparked a profound discourse between esteemed faculty members and the Governing Council. This discourse focused on reshaping the dynamics of architectural engagement, envisioning a space that transcends traditional boundaries 

“We are delighted as the inauguration of the Avani City Studio stands as a noteworthy milestone in our dedication to transforming architectural engagement. It embodies a collective vision, ushering in a new era of creativity and collaboration. The insightful discussions at the event revolved around reshaping the dynamics of architectural engagement, underscoring a commitment to fostering continuous interaction between architects and the urban landscape.” said Ar. Tony Joseph, Chairman and Principal of Avani Institute of Design.

The sessions highlighted the vision towards fostering as interactive space in the city of Calicut, emphasizing constant engagement with the city and citizens throughout the process of learning. The Avani City studio to the city is seen as a strategic move to facilitate direct and continuous conversations between the studio and the dynamic urban landscape, potentially transforming the approach to architectural projects.

Avani City Studio

The inauguration also sparked contemplation on the utilization of the studio for vertical electives, suggesting the possibility of conducting specialized sessions, especially during weekends. Embracing a broader perspective, the faculty envisioned students proposing projects that directly impact the city, fostering a sustained connection with the local community. The Avani City Studio emerged as a potential venue for hosting exhibitions, starting with the showcase of the Avani winter workshop. The space was seen not only as a backdrop for creative displays but also as a catalyst for serious and impactful activities.

The discussion expanded to include plans for community engagement, particularly with local schools and colleges. Enthusiastic students are envisioned undertaking workshops for school children as part of the Avani art initiative, further strengthening the institute’s ties with the community. In essence the studio transforms into a lab for various student and faculty led experiments to unfold in the city of Calicut.

To ensure a collaborative and well-informed transition, the faculty proposed a student council meeting for a brainstorming session. This meeting would serve as a platform for students to voice their opinions and ideas, ensuring their active involvement in shaping the future of the Avani City Studio.

About Avani Institute of Design 

Avani Institute of Design is a distinguished institution dedicated to nurturing creativity and excellence in the field of architecture and design. Through innovative teaching methodologies and a commitment to holistic learning, Avani Institute of Design prepares students to become skilled professionals in the ever-evolving world of design.

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