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Beyond Borders: Jason Richard’s Journey from Knee Pain to Renewed Mobility with Lateral Microplasty in Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 26: Arthritis knows no bounds and spares nobody, affecting millions of people worldwide, and it didn’t spare Jason Richard either, a skateboard champion from the UK who is currently applying his expertise as an Olympic skateboard coach in China. Despite being a person for whom mobility is paramount, Jason has faced a formidable challenge over the past few years. At the age of 52, persistent knee pain has become a companion, casting a shadow over his once-vibrant zeal for an active lifestyle and considerably limiting his daily activities.

Every step through the day even the simplest like wearing a socks became a reminder of the limitations imposed by this unrelenting adversary known as “Knee Arthritis” (wear and tear of the joint). 

Undeterred, Jason embarked on a quest for a solution that would liberate him from the shackles of his condition. Fueled by a determination to reclaim his life, Jason who had undergone more than 12 surgeries on both his knees due to various injuries over the years since the age of 18 embarked on a comprehensive research journey to find the most suitable solution for his knee issue. He was diagnosed to be having Lateral Compartment Osteoarthritis of both knee joints. Arthritis is wearing and tear of cartilage and can involve the entire knee and is known as tricompartmental arthritis or can involve only the medial compartment and is known as medial compartment arthritis or can involve only the lateral compartment which is known as lateral compartment arthritis and is very rare comparatively. 

As he delved into the vast realm of treatment possibilities, Jason’s eyes lit up at the prospect of Lateral Partial Knee Replacement. Lateral partial knee replacement though rare as compared to medial knee replacement meant minimally invasive solution with a small incision replacing the worn-out lateral compartment leaving the rest of the joint and ligaments intact, leading to a faster recovery. It wasn’t merely a medical procedure; it represented a beacon of hope, promising to restore not just physical strength but the very essence of his vibrant life. He met multiple surgeons in UK who routinely perform partial knee replacement but the waiting list in the NHS Health system in UK was more than 3 years. Being in tremendous agonizing pain and not wanting to wait for 3 years he started looking for experienced surgeons who perform this surgery outside United Kingdom, with newfound optimism, he set his sights on India and zeroed it down to Mumbai, a city pulsating with life and, more importantly, renowned for its transformative medical interventions. His research further narrowed it down to the experienced Team of Surgeons at Natural Knee Clinic, CritiCare Asia Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. Arriving in Mumbai, on 23rd January Jason was not just a patient seeking relief; he was a soul in search of healing. In consultation room with compassionate team of doctors, he found solace and understanding, transcending the clinical discussions to touch the depths of his longing for a pain-free existence and better range of movements.

The day of the surgery finally arrived on 25th January with Jason placed in the capable hands of Mumbai’s skilled medical professionals. State-of-the-art facilities and precision in the operating room set the stage for a transformative experience. The procedure aimed not just at alleviating pain but at providing a new lease on life for this avid athlete. The operating room became a sacred space where skilled hands worked not just on his knees but on mending a wounded spirit. The procedure wasn’t just about mechanics; it was a profound promise of renewal and unwavering hope.

Post-surgery, Jason’s recovery became a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Each step he took echoed with a symphony of emotions – the echoes of pain replaced by the melody of progress. Guided by compassionate physiotherapists, he navigated the path to recovery.

The success story unfolded as Jason emerged from the ordeal with renewed strength and mobility. Gratitude filled his heart for the expertise and hospitality he encountered at CritiCare Asia Hospital in Mumbai. 

At time of discharge on 30th January wherein Jason had regained complete mobility and more than 80 percent of his range of movements expressed that “He has not felt his knees this smooth and natural over the last couple of years and the recovery was way beyond his expectation and now he is extremely confident to resume back to his skateboard coaching at the earliest to prepare his team in China for the upcoming Olympics.”

Dr Deepak Namjoshi Medical Director CritiCare Asia Hospital Group of Hospitals said “Jason’s journey, from a search for relief to a successful recovery, is a testament to the transformative power of medical advancements and global healthcare accessibility. Minimally invasive Medial or Lateral Microplasty stands as a beacon of hope for young active arthritis patients and those individuals grappling with knee pain due to arthritis involving a single compartment, offering a permanent solution to avoid total knee replacement and preserve the knee joint and enhance the quality of life.”

“Jason’s story is more than just a personal triumph, ” said Dr. Santosh Shetty Founder Natural Knee Clinic, Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon. “It serves as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges looking for mobility and pain free life. His willingness to explore beyond geographical boundaries highlights the importance of seeking the best healthcare solutions globally, especially for life-changing procedures like Partial Knee Replacement.” In his quest to continue with the extreme sport and remain fit, agile and active Jason over the years has undergone more than 12 complex surgeries in UK and China around the knees including osteotomies, meniscal grafts and complex multiple ligament reconstructions with synthetic grafts from Korea. To continue with his passion for extreme sports, Jason became World’s first patient to undergo Bilateral Lateral Knee Replacement Surgery with Fixed Bearing High Performance Component in a single stage after multiple complex surgeries around the knees shared Dr Shetty. 

Dr Kartik Shukla Founder of Natural Knee Clinic, Robotic Microplasty Surgeon further shared “Jason is a person who proved where there is a will there is a way, no matter how uncertain or how difficult and how far it takes you. Jason’s journey from the UK to Mumbai exemplifies the notion that geographical limitations should not hinder one’s pursuit of optimal healthcare. It underscores the potential for a brighter, pain-free future when individuals are willing to explore advanced medical options beyond their immediate surroundings and or at times beyond the borders”. And last but not least “sometime the least travelled road can take you to the best destination “ in context of Jason least explored surgery – Lateral Microplasty.

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