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Remarkable Journeys: Businesses Driving Success Today

New Delhi (India), June 26: In the ever-evolving domains of commerce, some businesses stand out not just for their success but for the extraordinary paths they’ve taken to achieve it. From travel startups to diamond jewellery enterprises, each journey is unique, marked by innovation, resilience, and a keen ability to adapt to changing times. In this article, navigate ten such dynamic businesses that have reinvented themselves for the digital age, paving diverse routes to business excellence.

Flynetic Holidays Pvt Ltd: Help The Tourists

Flynetic Holidays Pvt Ltd, which operates under the brand name Help The Tourists, is a customer-focused travel firm. Its Founder Director, Mr. Prasenjit Sarkar, who has a background in banking and finance, launched this agency in 2018, centred on transparency and responsiveness after witnessing the difficulties that travellers face when using online travel agencies.

This Siliguri-based agency, which has more than 50 staff members and ground specialists, provides travellers with a “home away from home” experience, assuring their well-being throughout the course of their trip. This includes open communication and the prompt resolution of any problems that appear.

Furthermore, Help The Tourists was recently tested during an unexpected tourist surge in May 2024. Despite challenges with cab availability and accommodation, this travel agency prioritised client satisfaction over profit to ensure all its clients have a pleasant trip. 

2. CliffGuard Cybersecurity Pvt Ltd

Cliffguard Cybersecurity Pvt Ltd, founded in 2013 by industry veteran Khiladi Bayal, is at the core of combating cyber threats in various business sectors. Based in Bangalore, this company addresses the critical need for protective cybersecurity solutions in today’s digital world.

With cyber-attacks becoming more complex and frequent, Cliffguard offers a comprehensive approach to safeguarding businesses. Its services include strategic security planning, vulnerability assessments, and managed security services, providing a multi-layered defence against potential threats.

Cliffguard’s solutions cater to a wide range of industries, from finance and healthcare to manufacturing and e-commerce. Its red team assessments imitate real-world attacks in order to detect vulnerabilities beforehand. This method enables businesses to strengthen their security before real cybercriminals exploit weaknesses.

3. Juwelsgalaxy

Juwelsgalaxy, a fashion brand based in Tinsukia, Assam, is the brainchild of Susmita Chakraborty with a lifelong love for fashion design and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Juwelsgalaxy began as an Instagram page to sell handmade jewellery in 2019, but it found its true calling in showcasing regional sarees from Gujarat, Rajasthan and other states.  The brand offers a curated selection of regional sarees, catering to a customer base that appreciates both traditional and modern design. New collections are introduced weekly, ensuring a fresh product range.

Juwelsgalaxy understands customer needs and delivers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Striking a balance between quality and price is a major concept that ensures the brand’s work is available to a larger audience. 

4. Dynamic Designs Décor

Dynamic Designs Décor, a 2022 startup, was founded by Manish Agarwal, Suresh Raval, Ankur Agarwal, and Jinesh Shah. The brand supplies upholstery, curtain fabrics , outdoor fabrics with a customer-centric approach. By offering diverse, durable and eco-friendly fabrics for homes, businesses, and even outdoor use, it commits to sustainability.

Despite being young, the brand caters to a wide range of clientele, including furniture manufacturers, interior designers, and upholstery professionals. The fabrics undergo rigorous testing to ensure exceptional strength, colour fastness, and abrasion resistance.

Besides India, the company’s international presence spans across Dubai, UAE, and Bahrain. Recently, it participated at the Home Decor Expo 2024 on June 14th, showcasing innovative fabrics, vegan leather, and a trendy Siberian Husky material. 

Dynamic Designs’ initiatives to enhance sustainability efforts are reflected in its eco-friendly materials and production techniques. The company continues to introduce trending fabrics to the market.

5. Tinkerfeed

Tinkerfeed, a new platform in the writing assistance market, recently launched its AI Grammar Checker and Writer. Founded in 2024 by Piyush Naik and Snehal K, this platform has been designed to keep it a user-friendly and cost-effective grammar-checking solution. 

Tinkerfeed is an alternative to Grammarly as its AI algorithms provide grammar and writing support, along with being affordable. Its pay-per-use model allows consumers to avoid expensive subscriptions and pay only for the services they use.

The AI tools designed by Tinkerfeed are simple to use and easily fit into the writing workflow. This makes the platform a helpful option for both casual and professional writers seeking an affordable and effective solution to enhance their written content.

6. Earthly Jewels

Earthly Jewels, the lab-grown diamond jewellery brand, was launched in November 2023. Founded by Hetul Patel, the brand aims to make diamond buying more transparent, conscious, and accessible to all in India. 

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Earthly Jewels uses a digital-first approach, allowing customers to enjoy fantastic deals from the comfort of their homes. Transparency is at the core of their operations, empowering buyers to make informed choices.

Earthly Jewels grows and manufactures its diamonds, enabling a direct journey from the factory to the customer’s doorstep. This streamlined process eliminates mediators, resulting in significant cost savings to consumers.

Specialising in solitaire rings, Earthly Jewels caters to the engagement and wedding ring market, bringing international styles to the Indian audience. All their products are IGI certified, ensuring quality and authenticity. With insured shipping facilities across India, the brand enhances the customer experience.

7. Shaw Traders

Shaw Traders, founded in 2017 by Sanjeev Kumar Shaw, is an Indian supplier of spare parts for electric vehicles (EVs). This West Bengal-based company serves not only major cities but also small towns and villages like Bud Bud.

Shaw Traders offers a wide selection of EV spare parts, including batteries, chargers, accessories, motors, controllers, and body parts. This wide range caters to all repair needs and keeps electric two-wheelers running smoothly. The company has a network of over 500 happy dealers throughout the country. 

Sanjeev, an MBA graduate, refined his business skills in the construction materials sector. Recognising the growing demand for two-wheeler EV spare parts and the limitations in the supply chain, he saw an opportunity. With a starting capital of just twenty-five thousand, Shaw Traders has been able to address the immediate need for readily available EV parts. 

8. Rytsense Technologies

Rytsense Technologies, established in 2016 by Ramkumar Pichandi and Karthikeyan, has recently expanded its operations. The company serves clients across various sectors, including IT, healthcare, real estate, retail, and finance.

Specialising in Advanced software product development, the firm has recently introduced its Gen AI solution, “Autonomous Agent”. This new offering aims to enhance customer adoption of the AI experience in various industries.

The company focuses on agile service delivery, customer-centric solutions, and innovation. It has built expertise in AI/ML applications and custom software development over the years.

“Our culture encourages experimentation, allowing us to create innovative solutions,” stated Ramkumar Pichandi. The firm continues to adapt to changing client needs while embracing emerging technologies and industry trends.

9. AuraKorean

Jaipur-based wellness brand AuraEssence has introduced a new oil formulation designed to support digestive health. Developed under Dr. Asha Patel, a holistic health physician from Ahmedabad, this plant-based oil addresses issues like bloating, gas, and constipation.

Dr. Patel discovered that many women, even those who have daily bowel movements, can have up to twenty pounds of hardened waste adhering to their colon walls. This occurs because stool, like cement, can change shape when moving but hardens when stationary, similar to cement in hot sun.

The key ingredients in AuraEssence Oil are selected to help restore balance to the gut microbiome and target digestion-slowing bacteria. The product comes with simple application instructions for daily use.

AuraKorean believes its AuraEssence oil can provide relief for those experiencing digestive discomforts by targeting root causes. The brand recommends consulting a healthcare practitioner before use. 

10. OrangeBooks Publication

OrangeBooks Publication was founded in 2019 in Chhattisgarh to work with budding authors across India. The company has given self-publishing to everyone while ensuring global distribution. 

Shantanu Kumar and Mayank Kumar Verma launched the company to make authors’ voices heard globally. In just five years, OrangeBooks has published over eighteen hundred books. The company’s multilingual approach is evident in its portfolio, which spans over fifteen languages and covers various genres. This diverse catalogue has built a community of over twenty-one thousand authors.

OrangeBooks offers its titles in multiple formats, including paperback, ebook, and audiobook, adapting to modern reading preferences. The company provides affordable self-publishing packages, starting at an affordable rate and including worldwide distribution. Authors retain full rights to their work and receive a hundred per cent royalty on sales. OrangeBooks uses a Print On Demand (POD) system to ensure high-quality production standards and eliminate inventory concerns. 

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