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Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup Presents Rotary Face of the Year 2024

Winner of the Rotary Face of the Year 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 24: The Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup, with its longstanding tradition of community service spanning over 33 years, continues its commitment to impactful projects in and around Bhandup, Mumbai. From providing free cataract surgeries to over 500 beneficiaries in the last 18 months to initiatives like the Rotary Pink Auto and job-oriented tailoring training, the club stands as a beacon of service in the community. Proudly affiliated with Rotary International, a global organization dedicated to humanitarian causes, the club exemplifies the spirit of service and fellowship. With over $4 billion contributed to transformative projects worldwide, Rotary International’s legacy of impact resonates deeply with the club’s ethos.

On February 14, 2024, a day synonymous with love and celebration, the Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup unveiled the prestigious event, Rotary Face of the Year 2024. Organized in collaboration with Dr. Chatursingh Khalsa’s Zen Asia Foundation, the event took center stage at the St. Andrews Auditorium in Bandra West, Mumbai.

The evening commenced with a dazzling display of bridal couture by Fair Lady, an exclusive bridal and evening wear boutique, followed by the intricate designs of BAWAREE, celebrating the essence of Indian culture on a global platform. Shreeji Jewels showcased a mesmerizing collection of diamond jewelry, adding a touch of glamor to the proceedings. Throughout the event, melodies from Rtn Kunal Kaushal filled the air, complementing the spectacle of fashion and style.

The Sweet 16 round, performed by members of the Inner Wheel Club from District 314, showcased a vibrant tapestry of outfits representing the diversity of Indian attire. Seam by Seema stole the spotlight with its grand finale gown round, unveiling exquisite designs that captivated the audience.

Beyond the realm of fashion, the event served as a catalyst for social impact, championing causes like women empowerment, skill development, and indigenous craftsmanship. It epitomized the synergy between fashion, culture, and societal progress, embodying the ethos of Make in India and Skill India initiatives.

With Krishna W. as the Makeup & Hair Partner and international groomer Simon Davidson overseeing grooming, every detail of the event was meticulously curated for perfection. Vinu Mishra and Chaira Fernandes lent their expertise to event choreography, ensuring a seamless flow of elegance and grace. Partners like OLIVIA, REAL LIFE, and NIMMCO SOAPS contributed generous gift hampers, adding to the allure of the event.

Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup Presents Rotary Face of the Year 2024

The crowning moment of the evening unveiled the top three winners of the fashion pageant:

1. Ms. Angel Bhatt – Winner

2. Shivani Jha – 1st Runner up

3. Vriddhi Tiwari – 2nd Runner up

The distinguished jury panel, comprising renowned personalities from the fashion industry, lent their expertise to the event:

1. C Singh – International Fashion Designer

2. Mrs. Geeta Thorat – Brand ELMASS, Celebrity Fashion Designer

3. Mr. Simon Davidson – Entrepreneur & International Groomer

4. Dr. Karen Terry Raza – Fashion Model, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Image Consultant

5. Shaline Serpes – Mrs. India Empress 2023

6. Roopa Shastry – International model, Founder & Owner of Aarvee Entertainments

Zen Asia Foundation, known for its steadfast commitment to promoting talent and fostering creativity, continues its legacy of excellence with the Rotary Face of the Year event. Since 1997, the foundation has provided a platform for aspiring models to showcase their skills in makeup, hair, attire, and modeling prowess. With a vision to nurture Indian talent and propel them onto the global stage, the foundation remains dedicated to empowering every girl child with opportunities for recognition and growth.

In conclusion, the Rotary Face of the Year 2024 stands not only as a celebration of fashion and beauty but also as a testament to the power of community collaboration and social impact. As India’s talent shines on a global platform, guided by the spirit of service and empowerment, the event heralds a new era of inclusivity and opportunity in the fashion and modeling industry.

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