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Svdaa: we are excited to launch our new Beauty care Brand Svdaa

New Delhi (India), June 8: Every girl dream of looking more attractive, in today’s era every young man and woman pays more attention to their beauty, they want to look more beautiful than others. To fulfil their desire to look beautiful was the inspiration of Subhash Ramdin Prajapati, and his ideas and inspiration gave birth to Svdaa, an emerging beauty brand.

A successful entrepreneur, Director, CEO and Founder, Subhash Ramdin Prajapati, needs no introduction today, he left an indelible mark in the market during his 20 years of tenure in the corporate sector and has worked with leading companies like Dabur, and Reliance. Founder, Director and CEO Subhash Ramdin Prajapati has immense expertise in all type of marketing including B2C, D2C and D2D etc., and given his exponential skills like data analysis, business analytics, financial accounting, marketing etc., he also has ample knowledge of different levels of marketing. He understood the market trends, and needs of the customers and planned to launch the Svdaa Beauty Care brand. Svdaa is a brand that can fulfil all the expectations of every young man and woman towards their beauty desires.

According to CEO and Founder Subhash Ramdin Prajapati and Co-Founders, Ranjana V. Kale (Sharma), and Kailash Wati, Svdaa’s product range includes face wash, enriched with extracts of saffron, white lotus, curcumin and coffee that remove excess oil and dirt from your face and give you a refreshing glow. In today’s polluted environment, dirt and unwanted elements also harm the shine of our complexion. Svdaa offers Hydro Pro Skin Gel infused with green tea, orange, Cucumis sativus extract and glycerine, which remove dirt, unwanted elements, and polluted particles from your face and refresh your aura. The next product in the series, Svdaa Day Cream brings you a highly effective product made from extracts of Rice, Carrot, Tomato, Grape Seed, Daisy Flower, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Glycerine, Shea Butter, Vitamin B3 and Glutathione which naturally nourishes your skin by providing nutrition throughout the day and taking complete care of your skin.

Svdaa Night Cream is infused with vetiver extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin E Chamomile extract, Almond oil and saffron flower Extract, This perfect formula works all night to remove all the dirt, and excess oil and revitalizing your facial cells, Thus giving you glowing, youthful, supple and flawless skin.

Svdaa Vitamin C Serum is an advanced formula, a perfect combination of Vitamin C serum that contains Vit C, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Glycerin, Ascorbic Acid, Vit E, Mulberry Extract, and Glutathione to remove dead cells, minimize age scars, decrease itching and flaking, clear the skin pores and make your skin hydrated, smooth and young.

This is just the beginning. according to CEO and Founder Subhash Ramdin Prajapati, “We believe in offering the best quality beauty care products. In this endeavour, we ensure that we use the best available materials (natural, plant-based or man-made) that are proven to be safe and effective in getting the job done. We are confident that all our products will leave an indelible mark on the beauty products market, an identity that, you will not be able to keep away from even if you want to.

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