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Zarine Manchanda Launching Her Own Political Party; To Contest Mla Elections In Andheri West In 2024

New Delhi (India), May 10: Award-winning philanthropist and entrepreneur Zarine Manchanda recently registered a new political party in her name, The Zarine Manchanda People’s Party (ZMPP) and will be contesting MLA elections in Andheri West in April 2024.

Ms. Manchanda enjoys a high-profile media presence having been covered by virtually all Indian and international media, is perhaps best known as CEO of the Zarine Manchanda Foundation, a charity NGO that has administered over 1000 charity donation programs to Mumbai’s poorest residents including in the slum cells of Andheri West. She also is a successful entrepreneur, operating several successful businesses also bearing her name, including a premium security services company for which she is the first woman CEO in that sector; a cloud kitchen known as Heavenly Flavors, and a new restaurant, Zarine Manchanda’s Flavors of the Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai’s first restaurant featuring the unique culinary tastes from HP, Zarine’s home state.

In launching her political party, Ms. Manchanda said: “I am pleased and honored to be establishing a new political party for Mumbai and Maharashtra. ZMPP will be bold and dynamic in our mission and purpose. Even our logo is distinct and unique for a political party: a lion, always known for its boldness, leadership skill and ruling traits. My own zodiac sign is Leo the Lion, as was my dear late father’s who was a highly respected and successful politician in Himachal Pradesh and an inspiration to me. I am blessed to have his dynamic leadership DNA as I embark upon this new and exciting journey and our logo honors this legacy.”

Among the initiatives signaled by Zarine Manchanda as her political priorities will be to invigorate and beautify Andheri West in a myriad of ways and also have a core purpose to improve the lives of our poorest residents.

Additionally, the core principle of ZMPP is that all citizens are equal under the law regardless of gender, religion, age, income, educational level, orientation or other demographic factor. ZMPP will strive to achieve this mission by promulgating laws, and policies consistent with this mandate.

Ms. Manchanda’s political vision is tied to her success as CEO of her charity NGO. “Through my Foundation I have gone to the slum cells hundreds and hundreds of times. I have listened to their concerns and grievances and I stand with them. One of the reasons I established my Foundation was to expand my political base and now that I have achieved this goal the time is now to launch my political career.”

While her Foundation has been a stunning success story, garnering coverage in all of India’s most prestigious media as well as internationally, Ms. Manchanda notes the following: “Yes it true my Foundation has shown compassion and commitment to our poorest brothers and sisters, I know that a political base will significantly expand my ability to implement policies and to trigger economic development to move thousands out of poverty, to provide better education for such children that rivals what students experience from more privileged upbringings, and to provide more accessible medical care to these residents.”

The launch of ZMPP seems a special destiny for Zarine Manchanda. She was born in Himachal Pradesh, the daughter of a respected politician and cabinet minister who was also Himachal’s most successful businessman and entrepreneur. In enjoying a ‘Princess Life” growing up, Zarine recalls that “from my earliest days as a young girl, I watched my father interact with constituents who many times stood in long queues at our home to meet him. He had such a dynamic and charismatic quality, he always made each constituent feel important and empowered, to let them know he was on their side. I always think of him when I meet the residents of Andheri’s slums one at a time and I hope I bring a similar dynamism and passion in my interactions just as my dear late father did. Politics is obviously in my DNA and I hope to use political capital to continue to be the ‘Champion of Change’ and ‘Princess of the Poor’ as I have been described in the media.”

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